Dear Valued Customers,

For the past few weeks there were several hacking incidents to customers on our shared hosting and email hosting platform cPanel. The cause of the intrusions were mostly through unmanaged WordPress websites and also their themes & plugins. Not only that several customers were hacked, they were used as backdoors to launch attacks to other customers as well. In order to prevent this from reoccurring, we have implemented several security measures :

1. Security Subscription Of Imunify360

We have subscribed to Imunify360, a security software that keeps the server free of malware by running real-time and background scans to detect it, then cleaning it up automatically. This prevents the sorts of security issues caused by malware: spam sent out through mail servers, reducing stability and performance.

You may access Imunify360 through cPanel -> Security -> Imunify360 .


Please visit the link below for more information on Imunify360 :

2. Enabled Jailed Apache

We have also enabled the Jailed Apache feature which should be able to limit the exploits to the directory of the affected customer only, preventing them from infecting other customers who are otherwise “clean”.

3. Symlink Protection

This feature will block the ability of exploited user account to inject malicious code into existing files.

4. Disabled SSH Password Authentication

This feature will only affect customers who connects to their account using SSH where the server will force the user to use SSH key instead of SSH password authentication.

5. WordPress Backup Via WordPress Toolkit

Besides the above and since WordPress is the most common victims of hacking incidents, we would suggest customers to perform a backup using our WordPress Toolkit accessible via cPanel -> Domains -> WordPress Toolkit immediately after completing their first WordPress installation. This backup copy can then be restored in case the website is being hacked or compromised.

Do perform a scan using Imunify360 to make sure that the files are clean before performing the backup. It is highly recommend for you to perform Imunify360 scans from time to time to make sure that your files are not compromised.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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