Dear Valued Customers,

cPanel will be deprecating Horde Webmail in version 108 (which will happen roughly within a month, around January 2023). This is due to Horde not supporting PHP 8, while PHP 7.4 reaches End of Life in November 2022. Unsupported software is a security risk to all users and cPanel will be focusing on RoundCube Webmail going forward.

When will this happen?
A definite release date has not been confirmed by cPanel but based on historical update releases it should happen within January 2023.

Action needed.
No action is required from user as the system will automatically migrate all Horde calendars and contacts to Roundcube when the server updates to cPanel & WHM version 108.

Please refer to the link below for official announcement from cPanel :

cPanel Deprecation Plan (Section : Horde webmail interface)

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